Board orders
cost data of transmission materials
Guideline and Norms for transfer and postings of Officers of KSEBL - Revised
Revised Delegation of financial Powers of Exe. officers of KSEBL
Draft proposals for transfer guidelines of officers
Acceptance of Single Tender- adoption of G.O.
Free supply of application forms -- Total Electrification Scheme
Extension of D/C date
Total Electrification -- Additional guidelines through B.O.
Total Electrification -- B.O., suggesting Implementation strategy
Compendium of Board Orders and Circulars (From 01/07/'09 to 30/09/'09)
G.O. adopted by Board for availing Leave Travel Concession
Roll out of Outage Management & Bill Information Systems in Distribution sector in KSEB Ltd.
B.O. on G.P.F. interest rate
B.O. on retaining the names of Regional Chief Engineer (Distribution) Offices
B.O. on Special Casual leave for organ transplantation
Payment of Pension arrears in single instalment
B.O. on Charge Allowance
B.O. on interest on G.P.F.
Guidelines for transfers of workmen
Chief Engineer (Distribution), Thiruvananthapuram Region - nomination as an invitee to the Apex Body for Coir
Sri. V. Kesavadas, Chief Engineer (IT&CR) with additional charge of CAPS - Appointment as Nodal Officer for IPDS, DDUGJY & RAPDRP projects
Payment of Bonus/Festival Allowance to Employees, Pensioners & Family Pensioners for the year 2015-2016 and Onam Advance to Employees
Shifting of one post of Assistant Executive Engineer (Electrical) in the Office of the Chief Engineer (Commercial & Tariff) to the Office of the Director (Corporate Planning & SCM)
Inclusion of Allopathic medicines and equipments in the list of admissible items for the purpose of reimbursement under Kerala Government Servant's Medical Attendance Rules, 1960 - Adoption of Government Order
Delegation of additional charge of Project Manager, Mankulam Small Hydro Electric Project to the Executive Engineer, Head Works & Tunnel Division, Pallivasal Extension Scheme, Munnar
Transfers & Posting
Transfer and Postings of Linemen
Transfer and postings of Asst.Exe.Engineers (Ele.)
Promotion to the cadre of Exe.Engineers (Ele.)
Transfers and postings of Asst.Engineers (Civil)
Transfers and postings of Exe. Engineers (Ele.)
Transfers and postings of Asst.Engineers (Ele.)
Promotion and postings of E.E. (Ele.) to Dy.C.E.(Ele.)
Promotion and postings of E.E.(Civil) toDy. C.E. (Civil)
Promotion and postings of Dy.C.E.(Civil) to C.E. (Civil)
Transfer orders of Sub Engineer s(Civil),dt.26/06/'16
Transfer Orders of Senior Assistants
Transfer Orders of Sub Engineers (Civil)
Promotion order of Assistant Accounts Officer
Transfers and postings of Assistant Engineers (Electrical)
Corrections in the transfers and postings of Assistant Executive Engineers (Electrical)
General transfer order of Senior Confidential Assistants
Correction order of Assistant Executive Engineer (Ele)
Transfers and postings of Assistant Executive Engineers (Electrical)
Transfers and postings of Assistant Executive Engineers (Civil)
Transfers and postings of Assistant Engineers (Civil)
Changes in transfers and postings of Electricity Workers
Change in place of posting of Senior Superintendent
Transfer and posting of Finance Officer
Promotions and postings of Assistant Executive Engineers (Electrical) to the cadre of Executive Engineer (Electrical) and transfers and postings of Executive Engineers (Electrical)
General transfer order of Fair Copy Assistants


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